Dumas Brothers Brothel

Dumas Brothers Brothel

Dumas Brothers Bed And Breakfast  Could The Ghosts Still Be There? The museum and soon to be bed and breakfast was once a "brothel" and a very profitable one at one point in time. It was opened by the Dumas brothers in the late 1800's and

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Thornhaven Mansion - Indiana

Thornhaven Mansion – Indiana

Thornhaven Manor The Creepiest Mansion On The Planet  Indiana's Thornhaven Manor was built by Simon T. Powel in the year 1845. The family went through some very tragic and untimely deaths as well as some other unfortunate incidents. Various members of the family were said to

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The Girl On Fire - Montevallo University

The Girl On Fire – Montevallo University

The Girl On Fire – Montevallo University  The Ghost Of The Girl On Fire There's a creepy story that stems out of Alabama's Montevallo University about a girl who was cooking fudge with her roommate when a bottle of alcohol spilled. It spilled on her

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Tales From The Crypt Reboot

TNT Announces Reboot Of Tales From The Crypt!

Tales From The Crypt Reboot If you grew up in the 80's and watched horror shows in the 90's, you know all about Tales From The Crypt. It was the show where anything and everything could happen and it was lead by the ghoul we

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Satan in schools?

After School With Satan, Is This For Real?

After School With Satan Satanic Group Offering Kids Programs  When we first heard about this we thought it was a bad joke, we didn't think something like this would actually be offered in schools especially to children.Then we did some research and sure enough this

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5 Of The Most Terrifying And Real Ghost Stories Ever

5 Of The Creepiest Roads In The World

5 Of The Creepiest Roads In The World  The Most Haunted Roads In The World   There are certain locations on this planet that people should simply stay away from, these 5 creepy roads are some of them. Now we've all been on a dark

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Ghost of room 502- waverly hills

The Ghost Of Room 502 – Waverly Hills

The Ghost Of Room 502  Waverly Hills Sanatorium   If you're into haunted places like we are by now you've heard of the infamous Wavlery Hills Sanatorium and some of the creepy stories behind it. The place is a shell of its former self but many say that most

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The Goldfield Hotel - Nevada

The Goldfield Hotel – Nevada

The Goldfield Hotel – Nevada  The Most Haunted Hotel In The West? Like many other old west towns, the Goldfield hotel was located in a town that was pretty much deserted once the gold in the surrounding area ran dry. Inside and out the Goldfield

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Saint Augustine Lighthouse

Saint Augustine Lighthouse – Florida

Saint Augustine Lighthouse  Where Some Guests Leave Crying There's a creepy lighthouse in Saint Augustine, Florida that many believe to be haunted. There are various stories of WHY this place is actually haunted, but the main one tells about the lighthouse worker and his 2

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Possessed Doll That Walks Only While Holding Owners Hand

Creepy Puppet Moving On Its Own

Creepy Puppet Moving On Its Own? Could This Doll Be Possessed? Now this is one of those stories that will make you really scratch your head. It's almost like the real life version of the movie Child's Play where the doll Chucky comes to life

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