10 Ouija Board Possessions Caught On Camera

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Since its inception, the Ouija board or known to some as the “witch board” has been at the forefront of debate. Many say the board is evil and have had experiences that they say can back their statements. However on the other side there are those who have messed with this board and never had anything happen to them.

So what gives?

I’m one of those people who WON’T mess with the board because I’ve been in a house at the exact same time where some others were messing with one. Let’s just say I didn’t have anything too scary happen, but what DID happen really made me think twice about even going near it.

I was at friends house my senior year of high school watching T.V. with some friends. The rest of our friends decided to go into the basement and use a Ouija board. To make a long story short, the time they used the board, the lights went out 3 times. There was door that slammed by itself and we felt a cold wind rush by us in a room with closed windows.

We knew SOMETHING was going on, and when our friends came flying up the stairs and told us what they were doing. We knew that this probably wasn’t something they should be messing with. They said they heard voices, saw things, and had other creepy things happen. Ever since that day I never went near one even though I wasn’t even in the basement that night.

The video below we found is of 10 possessions that had happened while using the board. Let us know your thoughts on it…. Have you ever used one? Would you?

Video Source – Chills

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