Legend Says If You Walk To The Top At 12am a Ghost Will Appear

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100 Step Cemetery 

Every town has an area where legends and myths are born. Some spread across the states and others around the world. Sometimes these so called  stories are true, and others are just scary stories.

This is one of those stories that may or may not be true depending on who you ask. We’ve personally asked a few people who have been to 100 Step and all of them can agree on one thing, that 100 Step Cemetery is a very odd and creepy place. 

This is the story of 100 Step Cemetery 

In the small town of Brazil, Indiana is a cemetery that’s known as “100 step cemetery“. People say that  a very wicked presence is said to appear when you reach the top of the steps. What happens next is rather odd, those who have experienced the phenomenon have sort of a psychic type of moment.

How so?

The figure is supposed to reveal the date and of your death! Supposedly if you go back down and don’t count each step you’ll either die in the manner you saw. Do we believe in this? No but we do believe there is some other creepy paranormal stuff going on in that area. Sometimes when you have a place like this you’ll have some people create stories that changes and grows throughout the years. 

Check out this video by New Age Paranormal 

Video Source –New Age Paranormal 

Here’s another video of this place

Would YOU test this out and walk the steps?

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