15 Of The Scariest Things A Child Has Ever Said

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15 Of The Scariest Things A Child Has Ever Said 


So we all know that kids say whatever comes to mind, there isn't any type of filter, if it comes to their minds it's probably going to be said. Sometimes it can be hilarious and other times the things that they say can make us stop dead in our tracks.

Sometimes we dismiss the things that they say as just nonsense, but other times the things they say sends chills down our spine. We usually just play it off but in the back of our mind we're pondering what caused them to say what they said. 

Has this ever happened to you?

Every now and then kids have knowledge of things that they're not supposed to know about. I'm not talking bad things that they hear and see on a regular basis, I'm talking about things that they shouldn't have any prior knowledge of, especially when it relates to past issues way before they were even born. 

Check out the video and try not to freak out too much! 

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Youtube- Danger Dolan – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aACz_YW_tcg

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