Flinderation Tunnel

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Flinderation Tunnel 

The Most Haunted Place In West Virginia 

Flinderation tunnel was built in the mid 1800's and even during it's construction many of the workers and those involved had realized they started digging in a place they probably shouldn't have. There were rumors and legends that the land was cursed but many of the workers didn't start believing in those stories until certain things start to happen… 

This is one of those stories where you hear it and you think "eh that's just another scary story told about an old place, there's nothing there". But according to those who have had some very scary experiences here, the stories are very true! 

After watching this video, let us know if YOU would be brave enough to see if a story like this is true. This is one of those places I would probably pass on and find out through someone else if they saw something or not, but that's just me! 

Check out this video we found by Ghost Stories 

Video Source- Ghost Stories 


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