5 Classic Monster Themed Restaurants Every Horror Fan Must Visit

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Monster Themed Restaurants

If you’ve ever wondered if there were horror themed or classic horror themed restaurants, you’re in for a treat today. We looked far and wide for some of the coolest places on the planet horror fans can go and feel at home at. We ended up finding a really cool video by “The Lair Of Voltaire” as he showcases some of the coolest classic monster horror themed restaurants.

These restaurants aren’t like your normal fast food joint that puts up a few decorations and throws out a themed food or drink. They’re more like walking into another world, a realm of darkness and horror without becoming a victim of any monsters of course. These are the types of places that when you walk In you kind of loose your breathe for a moment. 

These are just 5 of the many around the world. If you have one that we haven’t showcased or isn’t well known, send us over a message. Let us know which one of these places  is your favorite and if you’ve ever visited any of them.

Video Source – The Lair Of Voltaire

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