5 Creepy Facts About Halloween

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5 Creepy Facts About Halloween


Halloween is the time of the year we all get to dress up and let our imaginations run wild, but have you ever wondered WHY we do some of the things we do around Halloween? For instance one thing that comes to mind is the activity we used to all take part of when we were kids "bobbing for apples" but later on down the line realized it was gross. But why is it that we bob for apples around that time of the year, where did it even come from?


There are a few other things that we do around Halloween that we don't even bat an eye at until we really think about it. Where do all these strange customs really come from? Well if you've ever wondered where exactly these things actually came from, you're in for a surprise! 

Check out this video of 5 creepy facts about Halloween that you might not of known about.


Enjoy !

5 Creepy Facts About Halloween




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