5 Of The Scariest Vampire Cases Of All Time

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5 Of The Scariest Vampire Cases Of All Time

When you hear the word "VAMPIRE" what's the first thing that comes to mind? It's usually a creepy vampire with big teeth looking to suck your blood. Or perhaps a certain movie, or certain memory pops up when you hear vampire. Most people dismiss the whole notion of vampires as being nothing more than a tall tale, but is there some truth behind the stories?

That's an interesting thought…. 

For centuries we have been hearing different stories of ghostly pale figures that lurk in the night hour looking for someone to make their meal out of. But while many say the stories aren't true, there are some stories that are a simply too hard to dismiss. 

Don't believe me?

Check out the video post we found by Unlexplained Mysteries and let us know what YOU think. 

Could there be any truth behind the tales of these so called creatures, or is it all a bunch of nonsense?

You be the judge and let us know YOUR thoughts! 


VIDEO SOURCE – Unlexplained Mysteries



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