A New Nightmare On Elm Street In The Works?

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A New Nightmare On Elm Street In The Works?

It hasn't been that long since the reboot of a Nightmare On Elm Street came out in movie theaters, and as many you know it was a bit different to say the least. The problem was that Freddy didn't look like his old self, everything was completely different about him so it really didn't have the same feel to it. Now we know that the character wasn't the same person and that Robert Englund wasn't in the movie, but if they were going to go left field with him they should of never made the reboot in the first place. 

Now it did make some decent money worldwide but it was also slammed pretty heavily by movie critics and fans alike. Most people had the same type of gripe as we do as far as the character aspects go. To me Freddy didn't have that same spooky yet funny vibe to him that he had in the old movies, he was always the guy you LOVED to HATE! In this one he was just rather bland and not very scary, it could also be that Freddy looked rather small in this one. 

Anyways, plans are currently underway to get back on board and create a whole new Freddy, now do we agree with this? NOPE….. But It's always cool to see an old movie come back, but if they do happen to create it, we hope they at least go back to old ways, maybe they can get Robert Englund back on board, I mean yeah he's old but he could still play Freddy. We also know that Wes Craven is gone, may he rest in peace, but will it be the same without him on board?

Probably not… 

Check out the video of the news on the reboot coming soon…. 


One thought on “A New Nightmare On Elm Street In The Works?”

  1. Belinda says:

    Don't bother if your not going to use Robert Englund! He's the ONLY worthy Freddie! Thank you!

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