A spooky nights stay in the Paris Catacombs

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What's the scariest place that you've ever stayed at? 

Unless you said inside a mausoleum or something similar you probably haven't stayed anywhere near as scary as the Paris Catacombs Imagine having to sleep in a room surrounded, better yet a room built out of the dead. I don't think I could stomach doing that, I mean a haunted house yes but in this place, nope.

There's countless amounts of dead down there and I'm pretty sure that there are strange things that none of us would  really want to encounter. Some of us might SAY that we would, but when something out of the world happens, all of the sudden we don't want to experience it anymore. 

Anyways check out the story below! 



Source – Buzz 60 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvRW148Eq-A


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