An Amazing 4k Walk-through The Ukraine’s “Tunnel Of Love”

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4k Walk-through The Tunnel Of Love

Not too far from the city of Klevan in the Ukraine, there’s an almost 2 mile stretch of private railway that has turned the surrounding trees into a world like no other. The trees have formed a tunnel which makes an amazing view for those who care to take a walk. There is a train that goes through a nearby fiberboard factory that runs through the tracks 3 times a day. Other than that it makes an amazing place for couples and just anyone that wants to a comforting stroll and forget about the daily problems of life.

It’s known as the “Tunnel of Love” and also as the Green Mile Tunnel because of the bright leaves and branches that cover the archway of the railroad track. It’s a nice place to walk around anytime of the year but the best times are in the summer, late fall and during the snow. You can imagine what kind of scenes would see here at various times of the year.

There is also a local legend that couples who visit the tunnel will be granted 1 wish. The wish has to be true and sincere in order for it to come true. Since most of us are still locked down in quarantine, here’s a 4k walkthrough of the tunnel.

Video Source –4K Relaxation Channel

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