This Cemetery Is Home To One Of The Most Authentic Ghost Photos Of All Time

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The Ghost Research Society of America

Bachelors Grove Cemetery

If there’s one place where you would think you’d get that creepy type of feeling, you know the cold chill that runs down your spine, it’s in the village of Midlothian, Illinois. It’s one of those places where you really don’t have to go far to find  things that are spooky, you kind of just kind of run into them. 

There’s a certain amount of creepiness when you enter the area of Bachelors Grove Cemetery, and even those who have been there before and didn’t know much about the place can also agree with with this. 

So why is it so dang creepy?

It’s because of the large amounts of various stories and eye witness accounts of strange things going on within this area. Many say that this was a dumping ground for the mafia during the prohibition era. Others say that there were other tragedies that happened in the area. 

Could the stories be true? 

Many say that the stories are true and the tons of eye witnesses and stories that have stretched back decades from various people have to have some sort of truth behind them.

This is one of those areas that you have to check out for yourself, but if you do be ready to be possibly confronted by law enforcement. Due to the places popularity, there are those who go to places like this with ulterior motives. Others go in to destroy and cause chaos so because of this law enforcement heavily patrols this area on a regular basis.


Check out these videos on America’s most haunted cemetery, Bachelors Grove Cemetery…. 

** If you’re thinking about checking this place out be advised that there’s a HUGE police presence in the area. If you’re able to check it out with some kind of permission be RESPECTFUL of the graves and things in the area. The last thing you should be doing is disrespecting the grave stones and the dead that are buried there! 


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@ Source – Picture – The Ghost Research Society of America

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