Bakery Makes Edible Heads And Body Parts Out Of Bread!

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Some would say this is a tad bit morbid, well actually more than some. But apparently this bakery in Ratchaburi, Thailand has been at this for some years now and it’s becoming very popular.

Imagine going into someones home for dinner only for the hosts to say ” Oh I forgot the bread” and then come in with a very realistic human head or body part.

I think I would honestly freak out at first, and I don’t know if I could eat it just because of the realism factor behind it. The bakery does an amazing job to get the heads and other body parts to look as real as possible.

Some people are saying that this is wrong and that the bakery shouldn’t be doing this. Others say it’s pretty cool and that these can be used for events like horror themed dinners and even pranks.

I’m pretty sure a lot of this bakeries orders comes from those wanting to prank others. I can think of at least a handful of people I would order these for around their birthdays or Halloween. Now if you received one of these would you eat it or would you just throw it away?

Check out the video by AP ARCHIVE to see some of these creatively gruesome edible works of art.

2 thoughts on “Bakery Makes Edible Heads And Body Parts Out Of Bread!”

  1. Melissa says:

    Where is this bakery at?

    1. mrbricks says:

      In Bangkok, Thailand

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