A Creepy Look At The Mysterious Object In The Night Sky

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The Black Knight Satellite 

There’s an urban legend that says there’s a mysterious object floating around space known as “The Black Knight Satellite”. There are various theories that state that it’s alien in origin and that our governments all know that it’s there and what it’s being used for. Various scientist say that it’s just a giant piece of space junk, and others think it’s a part of rock or something that has a strange shape. Others say that this thing has been orbiting our planet for over 13,000 years! 

What some people are saying is that if it is 13,000 years old, why isn’t there anything else that correlates to it if it indeed is part of some type of rock or something to that effect. There are all kinds of random things flying around our planet, but some of these things can’t be explained, and those who KNOW what they are, aren’t going to tell us what they are or actually are for. 

So is someone hiding something from us?

Could there be an advanced race monitoring us for the last 13,000 years?

Good question! 

Check out this video and let us know what you think! 


One thought on “A Creepy Look At The Mysterious Object In The Night Sky”

  1. Michael says:

    Odd that, in all my 56 years of living and keeping up with the weird things that are taking places in our world such as UFOs and unearthly objects, I have never once heard of this so called Black Knight Satellite. It is my belief that these photos are of space junk. Any other instances are most likely bits of space rock that Earth's gravity has managed to capture and place in close orbit. Much like Saturn's rings, our Moon's gravity keeps it from being pulled down, where it would burn up in our atmosphere. Eventually, these things fall down and burn up. This does not mean that we do not have alien hardware in orbit. Some where a long our history, I'm sure we have had beings watching us from orbit as well as coming down to visit us. I just don't believe everything you're speaking about has been around for 13,000 years.

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