Bloody Finger Tip found In Applebee’s Salad

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Bloody Finger Tip found In Applebee’s Salad

Now this story makes me cringe and creeps me out because I’m an avid Applebee’s salad fan. I don’t know why but I enjoy eating there salads over other places in my area. But the creepiest part is that I ran into this story WHILE EATING ONE!


All of my hunger suddenly left and I sat there in a moment of thought and wondered if I should eat it or not. I didn’t finish the salad just because the story grossed me completely out of hunger, but will I go back?


It’s just the thought of finding something like a bloody fingertip in your salad that amazes me. I mean what was the cook thinking by doing this? I don’t get people at times, and what’s even scarier is that this has happened before in other places.


Check out the video


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