Would You Buy Dracula’s Castle?

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Dracula's Castle For Sale 

Would You Buy Dracula's Castle?

So if you had the chance to buy one of the most iconic places in history, would you do it? Now this isn't the type of place that magical things happened like the Magic Kingdom or some fairytale place, it's the place where nightmares stem from, Dracula's Castle. Now the castle is very old and many say it's haunted beyond belief, and for a good reason. There's countless people that were murdered within it's walls, many died in gruesome terrible ways. 

Some saw Dracula as a hero and many others saw him as a monster. They say that he used to drink the blood and soak his bread with the blood from his victims. This is where the dark tale and legend of Dracula the bloodsucking vampire comes from. Now the cost of the castle isn't something that most people could probably afford. The price tag for this place sits around 66 million dollars, yes that's a lot of money for a haunted place. 

Would you buy it?

Check out the video and find out more on Dracula's castle 


2 thoughts on “Would You Buy Dracula’s Castle?”

  1. Josh rent says:

    I would like to be one of the people chosen to stay at the castle Dracula.

  2. Christina Milner says:

    I would live there forever!!!!

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