Would You Buy A Haunted House?

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 Buying A Haunted House

 If you were house hunting and had the chance to BUY a haunted house, would you?

Now there’s an interesting question… 


While many of us probably would answer that question without even thinking about it, there are those of us who actually WOULD BUY a haunted house.

Now when most of us think of a haunted house, we think of the footsteps, and disembodied voices and other strange things. But what if the entities that are haunting the house are something of a different nature?


How so?

Some houses may just have energies from past people who lived there, and sometimes these energies play like an old video over and over. 


But who knows…

However there are those few places where the entities that are within the house are there to HARM the living. Some say that it’s a mental disorder and that people manifest it themselves but others say the opposite.

Some say that it’s all in your mind that houses can’t be haunted, others say that houses aren’t haunted but that the people are the ones that are haunted.


This is one debate that will never stop as long as there are humans on this planet. I guess in due time we will all find out if there are ghosts or not.

Would YOU Live In a Haunted House?

Video source – Good Mythical Morning 

Now that you’ve seen that video, would you still be interested in buying a haunted house? 

Check out this brief video on buying a haunted house 

If so, how would you go about buying a haunted house?

I’m pretty sure a realtor isn’t just going to just flat out say that the house that you’re buying is supposedly haunted. Most people would cringe at the fact of something like that attached to a house, so they’re not going to say anything. 

Or are they?

Here’s a realtor explaining if a realtor has to disclose whether a house is haunted or not! 

Ultimately the decision to buy a haunted house should be one you take with caution. The reason is that you simply just don’t know what strange and creepy place you’re walking into, no pun intended.

You have to be careful especially if you have children or other family members that are going to live with you. So just because some people say that it’s not real, you still have to take some caution!  Here’s a very good reason why you may want to take some caution.

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