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Is The Superman Curse Real?

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Is the Superman Curse Real? Could The Man Of Steel Be Cursed? Imagine playing the role of  the man of steel the legendary SUPERMAN, the iconic super powered being from another planet. Now we all know Superman isn't real, but the fact that such an iconic role

5 Insanely Scary Hauntings Of Movie Sets

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MOVIE SET HAUNTINGS  If you've ever wondered if the set of your favorite horror movie was actually haunted, well now you're about to find out. Imagine being on the set of a scary movie that was supposedly true, but the scariest things didn't actually happen

The New Mad Max Movie| Why You Need To Watch It

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The New Mad Max Movie  Ok, so most of us barely remember the first  Mad Max movie, that is if you're over the age of  40 you probably remember it pretty well. It was a rather low budget film that starred Mel Gibson, the problem was