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Mckamey manor

MCKAMEY MANOR – A Look Inside The Worlds Scariest Haunted Attraction

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[wp_ad_camp_5] Mckamey manor  If you’re looking for things to do in Nashville, Tennessee or Huntsville, Alabama and love to be terrified and tortured…..  Wait,what? When I say that I don’t mean like someone screaming boo in your face. I’m talking about borderline torture and horror in ways

5 Dark Disney Park Secrets

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5 Dark Disney Park Secrets  [wp_ad_camp_5] Have you ever been to any of the Disney parks like Disney World Or Disney Land? It's a magical place full of what most kids and even many adults as a dream land. It's pretty much where you go to escape

Why You Should NEVER Invite a Stranger In

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[wp_ad_camp_5] NEVER Invite a Stranger In As children we’re told NEVER to talk to strangers or even go near anywhere near them when there isn't an adult that we know around. As we grow older we keep this in mind and stick to what we were told, well

The Evil Lost Episode of Thomas The Train

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[wp_ad_camp_2] Dark Cartoons – Thomas The Train  [wp_ad_camp_5] Now I’ve heard of cartoons that are supposedly lost or secret episodes that aren’t specifically child oriented, but created with the intention of scaring the you know what out of adults. This is one of those cartoons

4 Creepy But TRUE Horror Camping Trip Stories

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TRUE Horror Camping Trip Stories  [wp_ad_camp_4]  Most of us love being outdoors, we enjoy going with our families and friends on camping and hiking trips. Every time we go camping we sit around and tell stories by the campfire, well at least most of us do. Usually

This Haunted Cleveland Mansion Has a Dark History Of Cults, Evil, And Death

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Franklin Castle Cleveland’s Most Haunted  This monstrous place resides in Cleveland, Ohio, and is scary reminder of a haunted and odd past. The outside of the castle alone is enough to send shivers down your spine. Most of who have seen it in person will say that