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Dolls So Terrifying You Wouldn’t Bring Them Into Your Home

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The Creepiest Dolls In The World! Would You Keep These Dolls In Your Home? If there’s one thing that creeps people out more than anything else, it’s a creepy doll. Imagine being in a room surrounded by dolls that freak you out, what would you

A Rare Sneak Peak Inside The Real Life Munster Mansion

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The Waxahachie Munster Mansion The Real Life Muster Mansion  If you love scary, creepy, and spooky things, chances are you probably like the old television show “The Munsters”. It’s the old funny show where a family of different monsters lived and interacted with everyday people. The

Satan in schools?

After School With Satan, Is This For Real?

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[wp_ad_camp_1] After School With Satan Satanic Group Offering Kids Programs?  [wp_ad_camp_5] When we first heard about this we thought it was a bad joke, we didn't think something like this would actually be offered in schools especially to children.Then we did some research and sure



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[wp_ad_camp_5] ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE PLANS REVEALED  Could A Zombie Attack Be Coming Soon? [wp_ad_camp_1] Zombie mania has been getting out of control as of late, you don't have to go too far to find a zombie prepper store or some type of zombie academy. Now with

The Creepy Origin Of Mad As A Hatter

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The Creepy Origin Of Mad As A Hatter I’m Mad As A Hatter [wp_ad_camp_5] If you look up the phrase “mad as a hatter” you’re going to notice something very disturbing. It’s not all fun and games like it’s portrayed by The Mad Hatter in the

The 21+ Zombie Themed Drink Brewed With Real Brains

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A Beer Inspired By Zombies With Brains In It! If you love craft beers or beers that some would consider exotic or hard to get, you may be interested in trying this beer. Most of you have who have had some kind of craft beer

A Haunting In Conn.

The Amityville Horror House For Sale Again!

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The Amityville Horror House  [wp_ad_camp_5] Would you buy this house? [wp_ad_camp_1] One of the most infamous houses on the planet " The Amityville Horror House" is up for sale once again. The list price for this spooky house is a mere $850,000. The house has 5 bedrooms,

A Look At The Deadliest Place On The Planet – The Poison Garden

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The Deadliest Location On The Planet  Have you ever been somewhere where every LIVING organism was able to take you out in a moments notice? Ok calm down, what I meant was if you TOUCHED or got too close to something you had a high

Friday the 13th The final Chapter

Think You Know Everything About Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter? Guess Again!

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Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter [wp_ad_camp_5] Surprising Things About Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter [wp_ad_camp_2] Now this movie really shouldn't have been made, I know that Jason could be played by anyone, but it wasn't the same without Kane Hodder. The movie was almost

Creepy Facts About Friday The 13th You Didn’t Know About!  

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Creepy Friday The 13th Facts Friday The 13th Facts We’ve heard different stories about Friday the 13th, but are they are all truth, lies,  or somewhere in between? Could there be some truth to some of the more creepier things behind Friday the 13th? That’s