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Alien Mummies In Egypt, Alien Conspiracy?

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Alien Mummies In Egypt So for the past few years these  alien like mummy's found in Egypt type of videos have been popping up frequently. So we've been wondering if there's any truth to any of these stories. Now some of you may believe that there are aliens,

The Portal To Hell – The Sensebaugh Tunnel

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The Sensebaugh Tunnel  So the story is that supposedly a farmer and his family lived near this tunnel. One day out of the blue he went nuts and killed everyone in his family and threw them into a creek next to the tunnel. Some say that

Mannequin Woman,The Expressionless Mystery

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 Mannequin Woman,The Expressionless Mystery  Supposedly in June of 1972 a woman covered in a blood soaked gown showed up at a community hospital. At first she looked normal but when the nurses got closer they saw something very odd, she looked almost like she wasn't

Slender man

The Slender Man, Fact Or Fiction?

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The Slender Man, Fact Or Fiction The Slender man is supposedly a  fictional character created in a meme sometime around 2009. But there have been a ton of reports as far back as time goes telling about a creature that looks somewhat human and similar

Are you afraid of spiders?

Are You Afraid Of Spiders?

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Are You Afraid Of Spiders Spider Control!  If there's one creature alive that freaks us out more than any other it has to be….  SPIDERS!  Those little creatures that creep and crawl all over the place, it doesn't matter how small they are, most of

Would You Take A One Way Ticket To Mars?

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WOULD YOU LIVE ON MARS? So for awhile now there's been a project call the MARS 1 project. The idea behind it is that we are going to sending 2 people starting  in 2024 every 2 years to Mars to colonize it. Now over 200,000 people

What If The World Looked Like a Scene Out Of Mad Max?

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A POSSIBLE MEGA DUST BOWL? So if you’re a movie buff like I am, you’re probably excited about the up and coming reboot of Mad Max. For those of you who DON’T know what that movie was about, it was about a post-apocalyptic time period

Flying Jetpacks Coming To Home Near You

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Flying Jetpacks Coming To Home Near You When we were all children, most of us dreamed of flying around in jet packs kind of like the Jetsons. Well that dream of flying around like that is soon going to become a reality. Before you get

Human Head Transplant Possible By 2017?

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Human Head Transplant Possible By 2017? Medical Genius or Mad Science? Remember the line in the movie Frankenstein….“IT’S ALIVE”? Well Dr. Frankenstein’s dream of bringing a body to life may soon become a reality, actually sooner than we think. Like when? BY 2017, yes 2017! The good

Odd things going on in the world

Odd News In The World | What’s Really Going On With Our Planet?

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  Odd News In The World The web is full of crazy stories and we all know that a majority of them are fake. There are others that are questionable but with so many fake stories filling the net it's hard to really decipher what's