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A Creepy Inside Look Into Vampires In New Orleans

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  VAMPIRES IN NEW ORLEANS  FACT OR FICTION? [wp_ad_camp_1] There are a ton of strange rumors that say that there are vampires in various cities around the planet. The most popular being New Orleans, but could this be just rumors or is there some truth

The Russian Sleep Experiment

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The Russian Sleep Experiment [wp_ad_camp_1] Now this has to be one of the most grotesque and frightening stories I’ve ever heard of. There has been some debate on whether this actually happened or not, some say it did and others say it didn’t. Some say that this

This Tennessee Tunnel Is Said To Be Home To A Portal To Hell

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The Sensebaugh Tunnel  So the story is that supposedly a farmer and his family lived near this tunnel. One day out of the blue he went nuts and killed everyone in his family and threw them into a creek next to the tunnel. Some say that

Mannequin Woman,The Expressionless Mystery

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 Mannequin Woman,The Expressionless Mystery [wp_ad_camp_1]  Supposedly in June of 1972 a woman covered in a blood soaked gown showed up at a community hospital. At first she looked normal but when the nurses got closer they saw something very odd, she looked almost like she

Slender man

The Slender Man, Fact Or Fiction?

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The Slender Man, Fact Or Fiction The Slender man is supposedly a  fictional character created in a meme sometime around 2009. But there have been a ton of reports as far back as time goes telling about a creature that looks somewhat human and similar

are you afraid of spiders?

Are You Afraid Of Spiders?

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Are You Afraid Of Spiders Spider Control!  If there’s one creature alive that freaks us out more than any other it has to be….  SPIDERS!  [wp_ad_camp_2] Those little creatures that creep and crawl all over the place, it doesn’t matter how small they are, most