Centralia, The Real Silent Hill

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Centralia, The Real Silent Hill

If you’ve seen the movie “Silent Hill” the town stuck in some post-apocalyptic type of void that’s somewhere between life and death, you know how creepy Centralia must be. Silent Hill was modeled after the real town that’s supposedly still burning because of the mine fires.

I’ve never been to Centralia, Pennsylvania before, however I know a few people that were actually able to take a trip and walk through some of the town. They said that it looked just like the movie and that it’s a creepy and sort of frightening type of place.

It’s the type of place where nightmares brew, it’s scary because there’s no one around and it looks like people just up and left everything. Imagine living somewhere and having to leave right away because of a fire that you knew couldn’t be put out.

Check out the video on Centralia, The Real Silent Hill


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