Dine In NYC’s Creepiest And Haunted Experience – Jekyl And Hyde Club

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In the heart of New York City there lies a haunted secret. If you didn’t know about the place you wouldn’t think too much of it from a distance. But once you got close you would probably notice the odd and creepy exterior.

Welcome to the Jekyl And Hyde Club…..

It’s a haunted and creepy experience as you go through themed floors of a restaurant and bar. Each floor has it’s own colorful array of people in costume and animatronics. Even your table might move or talk to you, you just never know about this place.

We’ve been there a few places and each time we’ve been there we have different experiences. The last time we went there we sat at a table with a suit of armor on the wall.

A few moments after sitting there it began to move and a shield came down. Then it said a few things, began to smoke a bit and then went back to its original position.

If you’re ever in the New York City area, this place is a must see!

Check out the videos we found below by Zagat ,and The Carpetbagger,

Video Source – Zagat

Video Source – The Carpetbagger

2 thoughts on “Dine In NYC’s Creepiest And Haunted Experience – Jekyl And Hyde Club”

  1. Michael Peczenij says:

    Didn’t the site you have pictured close?


    1. mrbricks says:

      Someone mentioned that before and we thought the same thing, then we were sent this https://www.jekyllandhydeclub.com/ and their FB page https://www.facebook.com/Jekyll-and-Hyde-Restaurant-285578822820/

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