Short Horror Film – DON’T ANSWER

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Short  Horror Film – DON'T ANSWER 

Have you ever had an instance where you heard a strange knock at the door and something inside of you said not to open it? We all have at one point time or another, but what makes it even worse are the scary movies. The scariest part is when movies imitate things that happened in real life, so when you watch the movie you become even more scared of the nuts out there trying to mimic movies. 

So we shouldn't answer the door?

Sometimes it's not the door that you shouldn't answer, it could be something else, either way we all get that strange feeling…. 

Here's a short horror story of a girl that answered something that she shouldn't have. Sometimes things are better left untouched and unanswered if you know what I mean. Certain objects could be attached to someone else or another reality or realm. 

Enjoy and SWEET DREAMS !

DON'T ANSWER – By Dennis Gokkan 

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