Is There A Ghost In 3 Men and a Baby?

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Ghost Boy in 3 men and a baby film

If you’ve seen the movie 3 men and a baby you know that it had nothing to do with ghosts or anything like that at all. But ever since the movie came out so many years ago, there’s a rumor of a ghost boy that pops up in one of the scenes. I’ve seen the movie but wasn’t really looking for any ghosts in any scenes or anything like that, but when you watch the video you can clearly see that there was a boy. 

 Supposedly there wasn't a boy this kids age on the set of the production, and no one knows where exactly this kid came from. There are others who say that it was put in there by the production crew to start up controversy for years to come! What way to make a movie that wasn't very good stand the test of time? 

Put something controversial in the film and there you have it, but then again who knows…. 

Ghost Boy in 3 men and a baby film

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