The Girl On Fire – Montevallo University

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The Girl On Fire – Montevallo University 

The Ghost Of The Girl On Fire

There's a creepy story that stems out of Alabama's Montevallo University about a girl who was cooking fudge with her roommate when a bottle of alcohol spilled. It spilled on her gown and caught her on fire, her roommate grabbed a rug and tried to put the fire out but she fell through the door and died in the hallway. Now many who have been inside of this dorm room and the dorm itself have said to have seen this ghost. 

Imagine seeing a ghost that's on fire! 

The ghost has been seen wandering the halls of the college, and some have even come into contact with the ghost. Now while some say that the story of the ghost isn't true, others say that they've seen it with their own eyes and that the ghost is still in fact there and very real. 

It's one of those stories where you don't know what to believe, while some people say they have proof this actually happened, others say that's false and that there wasn't a girl that died in a fire. What we've found is that the stories are said to be true, and that there have been a lot of people who have actually seen the ghost and have various experiences with it.

Check out this video by Scary For Kids   and let us know what you think! 

The Girl On Fire – Montevallo University

Video Source – Scary For Kids 

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