The Goldfield Hotel – Nevada

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The Goldfield Hotel – Nevada 

The Most Haunted Hotel In The West?

Like many other old west towns, the Goldfield hotel was located in a town that was pretty much deserted once the gold in the surrounding area ran dry. Inside and out the Goldfield was a marvelous sight to see, but it fell into disrepair when the town was almost entirely abandoned. The hotel switched hands numerous times and each time the plans to make a comeback fell short. 

Now the hotel is owned by a man who plans on turning it back into its former glory but as of recent none of the plans have gone through. Some say that it's a curse around the place because of the gold mines and because so many people lost their money trying to lay claim to the fortune of the gold mines. Others say that it's because of the creepy and  horrible stuff that went on within the hotel throughout the years. 

Whatever the case the hauntings are real and many have witnessed some really creepy stuff while visiting! 

Check out the videos and let us know your thoughts…

Video Source – JC Willete 

Zak Bagans Getting A Brick Thrown At Him 

Video Source – Paranormal Ferret 

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