Halloween Customs From Around The World

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Halloween Customs From Around The World 


If you live in the United States, at some point in time you've probably wondered if the rest of the world is obsessed with Halloween as much as we are. Some people go beyond what some would think is obsessed when it comes to parties, decorations, costumes, and so on. But is there anywhere else in the world that goes as nuts as we do when it comes to this time of the year? 


Well if you know a little history about Halloween and were some of these traditions and customs come from, you know that most of them started elsewhere and were brought over here. Now they kind of were twisted around and most of the REAL meaning behind some of these customs has been lost as time went on. But that happens with all holidays and various traditions that we all take part in, it can be seen in everyone if you really look at the history behind them all. 


Check out this video and find out how other countries celebrate Halloween! 


SOURCE – JUAN PADILLA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9fDBuUtcvk

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