Hocus Pocus Themed Halloween Decor You Can Create At Home!

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So a lot of you have been asking us to find some really cool stuff for Halloween that’s Hocus Pocus related. After some sifting and searching we found some pretty cool Hocus Pocus do it yourself projects for this Halloween. All the while you won’t have to worry about spending a ton of money on them either.

The videos we found will touch base on how to create the Hocus Pocus spell book. The others will focus on various other projects that are pretty simple to do and very cost effective.

If you don’t see something in one of these videos that you’re looking for. Simply leave us a message in the comments or email us and we will do our best to see if we can find what you’re looking for.

For now enjoy the 3 videos we found by Ashleigh Lauren, Couponing In Colorado, and Whiskey&Whit.

Video source – Ashleigh Lauren

Video Source – Couponing In Colorado

Video Source – Whiskey&Whit

Do you have a video, story, pictures of something you think would be a fit on our website and would like to be showcased? Send us an email to strangeandcreepy1@gmail.com for more information!

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