Inside Of Ed And Lorraine Warren Occult Museum

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Ed And Lorraine Warrens Occult Museum 

The Most Terrifying Museum Ever Created 

Now most of you know who Ed and Lorraine Warren are, and if you don't know who they are check out the Conjuring or Annabelle movies if you haven't done so already and you'll see what they're all about. The Warrens were famous paranormal investigators who where apart of thousands of cases. Some of the cases ranged from hearing foot steps to seeing and experiencing some rather crazy and dangerous things like you would see in movies.

They helped people from all walks of life and also where highly involved with demonic situations, sometimes they situation proved to be extremely challenging mentally and physically. 

They were most known for cases like the Perron family haunting, Annabelle, and the Amityville horror among many other cases. Not all of their cases were filled with dark and evil forces, but many of them were which took a toll on both of the Warrens.

After decades of going to haunted places and collecting haunted objects, they created their own safe haven for the dangerous objects they've come across that can do harm in the possession of others.

Here are 2 videos behind what they've collected! 

  Video Source – Gravity Media Productions 



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