Knott’s Berry Farm Infected Zombie Zone

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Knott's Berry Farm Infected Zombie Zone 

It seems like everyone is obsessed with zombies these days, it's highly evident when you see zombie preparation stores pop up in your area. So many people are obsessed with the idea of a zombie outbreak it's kind of scary, but in all actuality… WHAT WOULD YOU REALLY DO IN THE EVENT OF AN ACTUAL ZOMBIE OUTBREAK? I mean honestly would you be prepared for what was to come if something like that ever happened? 

Well if you're one of those people who would like to get ready for a possible outbreak, check out Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park California. If you thought that this would make this place the coolest haunt oriented spot on the planet you have to see the 10 other attractions that they have. It's like the Disney world for paranormal and Halloween addicts, it's one place that you wouldn't want to miss checking out. 

The zombie zone pits you against a zombie outbreak of the undead, you're even equipped with your own gun and team, I mean how cool would that be to check out? There's other attractions but this one attraction is said to bring out the biggest zombie enthusiast from all over the world. I wonder if this will catch on to other areas if it hasn't already, imagine going to on a 3d zombie outbreak hunt with a group of friends. 


Check it out here 


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