Missouri State Penitentiary 

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Missouri State Penitentiary 

Where Evil Still Remains 


Have you ever wondered what the walls of a place that witnessed so much horror would say if they could speak? Especially one that’s over 175 years old and was full of violence, pain, misery, anger, and death. Missouri State Penitentiary is one of those places that you really wouldn’t want to be left alone at after dark. There have been at least 100 different paranormal investigations in this place in just a few years span, some say that number could be higher than that. 


The reason being is that Missouri Stat Penitentiary is said to extremely active, anything and everything that you can think of happens here. Time Magazine once called the prison “The Bloodiest 47 Acres In America” because of all the stuff that went on in the prison when it was fully functional. When the prison was in service it was home to so many murders that it’s said the staff even lost count, this partially why this prison was decommissioned. 


After the prison closed it was said there was a bunch of poltergeist activity going on, and that’s what led to the investigations of different television shows including, Most Haunted, Ghost Adventures, and Ghost Hunters. 

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Video Source – Micheal Joseph


Video Source – Creepz Ghost Commandos

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