Nail Salons Coronavirus Design Is Causing a Huge Backlash

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Nail art has always been a way to showcase your personality and help manage to synchronize over all looks, but one nail salon has led many to believe they’ve gone too far. Nail Sunny a popular nail salon out of Beverly Hills, California has had some major backlash for their latest creation, Corona virus nails.

Wait what? Yup we couldn’t believe it either….

Nail artist are always pushing the edge with the new and latest designs, but this one is a little bit different. People have been slamming their Facebook page for their latest creation. They’re calling it crude, and distasteful.  The salon which has over 2 million followers has been trying to push out some really out of this world designs in order to get more followers like pizza and sushi nails, but this?

The nails have been made to resemble heads wearing face masks, the nails on the other hand are made to resemble the virus. We have to agree that this isn’t the best thing to be doing especially when people have died and are currently dying from it.

Check out the picture below and let us know your thoughts!

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