The Origins Of Trick Or Treating

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The Origins Of Trick Or Treating


If you love Halloween and always have, your fondest memories probably are surrounded by those of ‘trick or treating’. Remember being a kid and going out with your friends or family and having fun collecting candies and goodies.


Then going home and dumping your winnings all over the floor or counter. Then going to town and probably ending up with a stomach ache and a sore tooth the following day.

I bet most of you didn’t really stop to think WHY we did all of that. Or where the heck did trick or treating ever come from. If we did it was a random thought that went as fast as it came.

Well here we are years later, and if you were like me you wanted to know WHY and HOW did it all start.

Check out the video we found by TODAY I FOUND OUT 


Origin Of Trick Or Treating


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