Paranormal Cirque – The Horror Themed Adult Creepy Circus Is Back

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The Horror Circus Is Back

If you happen to be in Texas for the next month or so and want to catch a show you’re in luck. The horror circus troupe Paranormal Cirque will be holding some performances. Paranormal Cirque isn’t your regular old school type of circus. You’ll find dark mystical themes with acrobats, magicians, illusionists, freaks, and many more that push the boundaries of sanity.

The show also mixes some intense themes that challenge your mind and the basis of reality itself. Its an interpretation of a dream-like state where the characters show their true skill of misdirection and mastery in a creepy yet cool way.

We’ve heard from many that have been to the show in the past that it’s amazing. So if you’re going to be in the Texas area in the next few months. You may be close and lucky enough to witness one of these shows. They are taking a ton of precautions do to the Covid-19 pandemic, so check out their site below for showtimes, locations, and costs.

Check out their site here > Paranormal Cirque

Check out their promo clip and a sneak peak at what you could expect to see.

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