Is The Pope The False Prophet Of The Apocalypse

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Is The Pope The False Prophet Of The Apocalypse

There's always rumors that this person or that person is the false prophet of the apocalypse. Supposedly the false prophet will come about and bring everyone together, he  or she will bring great promise of good things. He will unite people and people will see peace, well at least for awhile that is until you know what hits the fan. Supposedly this false prophet is actually the devil or a high ranking demon in disguise. 

Now while many have come and gone who were said to be the false prophet, the most recent pope is now at the center of this mysterious debate. Could he be the false prophet that many say is going to come about and be the one who is responsible for the destruction of the world?

Who knows.. 

Check out the video by Alltime Conspiracies and let us know what YOU think! 

The False Prophet Of The Apocalypse?

SOURCE – Alltime Conspiracies

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