The Real Men In Black

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The Real Men In Black 

The men in black aren't the funny guys from the movies, they aren't the secret organization that's here to protect us from aliens. These are real mysterious men who dress alike and act almost robotic in nature. They go wherever someone has seen something of alien oriented and pretty much shake them up into not talking about what they've seen or heard. They don't say much and they look rather odd, they have human like features but there's something off about them. 

So who are the MEN IN BLACK?

There are different theories behind who or what they are, some say that they are part of government programs designed to keep things in secret that they don't want the general masses knowing about. The reason they look and act strange is because of all the tests and training that have been done to them. Others say that they're actually aliens in disguise that run about the masses trying to shut up the general public from the real truth about aliens. 

hmmm, what do you think?

Check out this full documentary on the MEN IN BLACK 

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