Revenant Acres Farm Haunting| Charlottesville, Indiana

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Revenant Acres Farm Haunting

There's a bunch of places around Indiana that are pretty secluded, they're surrounded by large farms that stretch for miles on end. Most of the houses on these farms are the original ones that have been there for over 100 years or more.

When you have houses that have been there for such a long time, you end up having people living in the houses from birth until death. Some of these people aren't ready to give up their homes and the way they used to live, so they end up staying behind.

Sometimes these homes weren't happy ones, some have had bad things happen in them, and sometimes these angry spirits stay behind as well. Sometimes these homes are built on locations where they actually SHOULDN'T have been built on.

Some are built on Indiana grave sites, and other sacred sites in which those who passed way before these places were built are angry. There are other certain places where other entities have taken over. 

This is one of them….. 

Check out this video we found of the Living Dead Paranormal Group doing an investigation of this house where supposed demonic activity is taking place! 


One thought on “Revenant Acres Farm Haunting| Charlottesville, Indiana”

  1. LaDonna says:

    I live about 5 miles from this house and have wanted to check it out several times. One of my friends said they'd check it out with me after seeing your video. I'd like to see what we could catch on audio and maybe compare notes.

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