Saint Augustine Lighthouse – Florida

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Saint Augustine Lighthouse 

Where Some Guests Leave Crying

There's a creepy lighthouse in Saint Augustine, Florida that many believe to be haunted. There are various stories of WHY this place is actually haunted, but the main one tells about the lighthouse worker and his 2 daughters. The 2 daughters of a former owner were taking a joy ride in a cart that broke loose and supposedly landed in the water where they drowned. 

Now people say they've seen the ghosts of these girls in the lighthouse and around the area. Some have said they've seen the former lighthouse owners ghost as well inside of the lighthouse. Guests who have taken the haunted tour have complained that they've been touched, some have seen apparitions and others have heard some rather odd things. 

Could the stories be true?

Check out this video by Ufology,Aliens and let us know what you think! 

A short video of one of the ghosts in Saint Augustine Lighthouse 

Source – Ufology,Aliens

Matt's Rad Show Takes Us On A Creepy Tour Of The Lighthouse 

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