Satan’s Hollow Tunnel – Ohio

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Satan's Hollow Tunnel – Ohio 

So what's really going on in Ohio's Satan's Hollow Tunnel?

Some say that when the tunnel system was created in a place that we shouldn't have. So was there was some kind of burial ground or energy vortex that we bothered? Could it be there's something that we don't know about that's underground that we disturbed? Given the age of the world and how long humans have been on this planet, anything is possible. Then again it could just be a scary story that spun out of control given the nature of the place.


What do you believe?

WARNING – If you decide to check this place out, be sure you get PERMISSION before going.It's heavily patrolled and anyone that doesn't have permission to be there will be arrested or fined! Also if you do get permission plan ahead and DON'T GO ALONE! 

Check out this investigation of Satan's Hollow tunnel by Believe A Paranormal Experience

Video Source – Believe A Paranormal Experience

What do you think, is it actually haunted?

Know someone that went through the tunnel system or knows someone who may have?

let us know!

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  1. Jake says:

    I have been in this tunnel

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