Things you didn’t know about the movie Halloween 

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Things you didn't know about the movie Halloween 

We love finding videos like these, especially videos of movies that we absolutely LOVE! It's interesting to know that even YEARS after a movie like the original Halloween, there's still many interesting things that we didn't even know about the movie. Some of you are probably thinking " I know all there's is to know about the movie, what else could I possibly be missing"?  

Well guess again! 

Being horror fanatics, we thought we knew everything there was to know about the movie and even the franchise. But I guess there's always something NEW to learn about a movie that you love. I wonder how many other things about this movie and others like there is to know that's not even in this video. There's always new and interesting things to find out about movies, and sometimes there's things that you don't know about that will make even look the movie in a different light. 

Check out the video and see what you think! The video is brought to you by SCREENCRUSH 

Things you didn't know about the movie Halloween 

Video Source – ScreenCrush 

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