Shanghai Tunnel – Portland Oregon

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Shanghai Tunnel 

Portland's Most Haunted Location 

Have you ever stopped in an old location and wondered "I wonder what kind of SECRETS are hidden here?" before? What if you were somewhere that had an old tunnel system, would you be brave enough to explore them or would you be too scared? What if the tunnel system had some rather scary stories associated with them, would you still think about checking them out?

Portland's Shanghai tunnel system is an old tunnel system that connects various places within Portland, some of these places are old bars and restaurants and rumors also tell that some of these tunnel systems stretch out to other towns and locations.

Now the purpose of these tunnels were rather ominous in nature and could be the reason why they're so haunted.People have heard screaming and crying coming from within these tunnels, especially in the tunnels darkest places. 

The tunnel system has been featured in various shows like Ghost Adventures and been documented in various books and magazines. So how haunted are these tunnels and what are they all about? Check out these videos we found about the tunnel system.

Source – Abandoned London Tube Stations


A Talk About The Tunnels 

Video Source – Shirley Orbitz 

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