The Creepiest DIY Halloween Makeup And Costumes

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The Creepiest DIY Halloween Makeup And Costumes 

If there's one thing that makes even adults act like a big kid, it's Halloween. The joy of being able to dress up like a super hero, a villain, a clown, witch, and so on makes even the oldest kids smile with joy. But in the not so distant past, costumes were taken out of a package and put on, and if it involved makeup, we threw a little bit of make up on and went out to Halloween parties, trick or treating, and so on. 

That is until this day and age….. 

Homemade costumes have gone to the next level, and when I mean next level I mean an entirely distant galaxy when it comes to creativity, skill, and realism. There are some costumes that you know are costumes but you simply can't get near them. 

Have any of you ever encountered someone in a costume you had to get away from?

Check out the video we found by Marko Andruss and let us know your thoughts! 

Have you ever created something similar to one of these? 

If so send us your photo and we will showcase it on your Facebook fan page! 

Check out the video below by Marko Andruss 

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