The Cursed Doll Joliet

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The Cursed Doll Joliet 


Some people collect antique toys, cars, and other relics from their childhood. However there are a few people who collect those life like antique dolls that are supposedly haunted. The problem is that some of these antique dolls may have a sinister side that goes far beyond just being haunted. Some say that when a person passes on to the other side, that some choose to remain behind and hold on to their prize possession. 


so if a spirit gets attached to a doll, when the person dies their soul goes into the doll and haunts whatever place they're at. Most people would be bothered by this, if I had a doll that was causing some crazy stuff to happen while I had it, I would get rid of that thing as soon as possible.

Would you keep this doll after watching this?


check out the creepy story by VirtualInsanity15  of the haunted doll JOLIET! 

Video Source – VirtualInsanity15 

Do you believe in curses? 

Do you think that some people actually put curses on others so they would suffer misfortune?

Would you take the doll into your possession?


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