The Devils Backbone

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The Devils Backbone 

There are a bunch of strange and creepy places  in the state of Indiana, some are supposedly haunted and others have some rather odd stories behind them. This is one of those places that mixes the best of both worlds, the paranormal and a creepy urban legend. The area that this legend stems from is an area with an extremely curvy and dangerous section of roads. Now if you've been to Indiana you know that most of the roads are pretty straight and flat, you have to go to the southern part of the state to find some hills and big curves. 

Supposedly the legend says that a car full of teenagers took the curves too fast and died in the process. Now the area is known for strange activity including a ghost car that follows people. They say they follow them up to a certain stretch of road and then all of the sudden the car disappears into thin air. Others say that they've seen the car go off the road, and when they go to see if anyone is hurt, no one or even a trace of a car is ever found. 

Could they be a time loop or is the road really haunted?

Check out this investigation of The Devils BackBone 



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