The Grinning Man

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The Grinning Man

Now this is a scary story that seems to keep popping up whenever there’s a UFO sighting. The grinning man is some kind of humanoid creature that resembles a man. Those who have come into contact with this being say that it’s not a man. They say that they get a strange feeling and also feelings of sheer terror when face to face with him.

It’s almost like this thing is some kind of hybrid human or alien creature that comes to scare off people so they don’t keep talking about what they saw. This is also similar to the men in black that people keep seeing. There are also stories of these black helicopter’s and cars that make no sound at all.

Could there be some kind of alien conspiracy where they’re doing things to us but don’t want us to know about it at all? Could they be working with our government or even better yet part of our government working something in order to control us?

Who knows…

Check out the video and see what you think!



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