The Haunted Marshall house|Savannah Georgia

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The Marshall House, Savannah Georgia 

Since 1851 the Marshall House has been at the forefront of paranormal activity in Savannah, Georgia. It's been showcased on the Travel Channel numerous times because of all the strange and creepy things going on. 

The place is so haunted and ghostly activity is frequent that there's even an incident journal being kept on it all. I would love to see this journal, I bet it would be full of enough stuff to make some kind of movie about it, well that is if there isn't one already that has been made. 

The haunted Marshall house is not only a historical place, but it's also a hotel that anyone can stay at. But don't be surprised if you get a room and you're room isn't empty, I mean some people have come and never have checked out. There are reports of soldiers in old civil war uniforms walking around the halls of the hotel grounds. 

The Marshall House Is Haunted 

Reports of moving door knobs, faucets turning on, children playing in empty rooms, and full body apparitions. There's also reports of phantom animals, and music coming from rooms where there isn't anyone at. 

A video of some people, do you see orbs or is it just dust particles? 

Here's another video we found of someone staying in a haunted room, what do you think, dust or orbs?


Check out this documentary that we found on the town of Savannah Georgia, the Marshall House Is showcased in it

Looking for a hotel in Savannah Georgia, specifically a haunted one?

Check out the Marshall hotel's website >>>

Would you stay in the Marshall House?


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