The History Of Carving Pumpkins

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The History Of Carving Pumpkins


If you love Halloween one thing is for sure, you've probably at one point in your life have carved a pumpkin to 2. It's not Halloween without carving a pumpkin, and even better is when you finish them and throw a candle inside of them for everyone to see. Throughout the years people have taken pumpkin carving to levels that most of us would never thought of being possible. But have you ever really sat back and wondered why we actually carve pumpkins on Halloween?


Why is it that we carve them and put them out at night? I'm pretty sure that it didn't start off the way that we use them now, is there a different story behind pumpkins and why we use them? Most kids actually don't care about WHY or HOW they were used way back when, they just love to carve them and make awesome creations out of them. But still there's that certain about of mystery as to why we carve them and place them outside. 


If you've ever wondered WHY we do this, check out this video and find out! 


Some Really Awesome Pumpkin Designs! 



Old Farmers Almanac –

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