The Japanese Girl’s Suicide Drawing

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The Japanese Girl's Suicide Drawing

There are all kinds of myths, legends, and creepy tales from all over the world,  and while some of them are passed off as nonsense, others……. well they're a bit creepier. This is one of those tales that's a bit creepy after listening to it. While most of us will dismiss the story as nonsense, there is still that thought that the story could somewhat be true. But  the whole gist of the story is that you have to look at the painting or drawing in order to see if the myth is true. 

Most of us will do it to see if the myth is true or not, then some of us think otherwise and rather not tempt fate. What if the stories are true and what if we end up becoming a victim to something that's supposed to be false. I mean if it did come to pass that the story is true, there probably would be some other explanation for what happened. But could something like this actually be true? I don't think I would want to be the one to find out.

Japan seems to have some odd stories and legends surrounding it, some of the stories that we think are just bedtime tales and things that aren't real are actually taken seriously by many. Could it be that some people are simply more superstitious than others, or is it something else?

Check otu the video we found and let us know what YOU think! 

The Japanese Girl's Suicide Drawing


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